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Golf Magazine’s Top 10 Courses in Malaysia

Golf Magazine’s Top 10 Courses in Malaysia

Select your choice of the top ten golf courses in the country from the list provided.

A difficult task?  Here are some pointers for you.

Criteria of Selection

When making your selection, please keep in mind the design rhythm i.e. the flow and balance – of the golf course; the variety of terrain and the individual holes; beauty, setting and course conditioning. Has recent renovations improved the golf course? Has the addition of hazards or removal of traps made the course more or less challenging? Below are some additional criterions that could help you with your choices.

  • The terrain of the golf course i.e. natural attributes over artificial manufactured style
  • Design variety from hole to hole
  • Interesting greens and green sites with contour.
  • Overall playability. Challenging hazards that make your game interesting, type of grass used on the fairways and greens.
  • Least disturbance to the land. Minimalism over design excess
  • Overall conditioning and maintenance of the golf course
  • Walking course or buggy course. Some may prefer walking over the usage of buggies or vice versa
  • Overall service provided from the time you arrive at the golf club until the end of your game and beyond
  • Location of the golf course.
  • Is the golf course environmentally friendly in terms of where and how it is built and the usage of eco-friendly products on the golf course?


I have read the above and have understood the terms and conditions.

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