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TaylorMade Releases R15 and AeroBurner Models

🕔09.Feb 2015

TaylorMade R15

taylormade1Tinkerers rejoice. The R15 driver has a pair of 12.5-gram sliding weights in the sole, providing five grams more movable mass than the single 20-gram weight in the current SLDR.  Splitting weights between the heel and toe increases the club’s forgiveness; moving both weights in the same direction adds shot-shape bias; and placing them both in the middle produces the fastest ball speed. A new adjustable hosel lets players increase or decrease loft by as much as 2°. (The loft sleeve previously offered +/- 1.5°.) What’s more, the 40-gram sole track is more flexible and 12 millimeters closer to the leading edge than in the SLDR. This creates a lower, more forward CG. Company testing reveals that the new track system—it acts like the “speed pocket” in JetSpeed drivers— produces shots that launch 0.7° higher, spin 100 rpm less, and have a marginally higher peak height than shots hit with the SLDR 460. It’s more impressive when you consider that the R15 is nine grams lighter than the SLDR. The R15 comes in white or black and in 460 cc or 430 cc heads. Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12° or 14°.


TaylorMade R15 Fairway Woods

taylormade2The company touts R15 as its most adjustable fairway wood ever. There’s a 25-gram sliding weight in the sole plus a hosel design that offers +/- 2° of loft adjustability. The cutout in the sole is closer to the leading edge than in previous models. As a result, the face flexes more so shots struck low on the face should fly higher and with less spin. Lofts: 15°, 19°, 20.5°.



TaylorMade R15 Rescue

taylormade3The R15 is smaller than TaylorMade’s recent hybrids and more neutrally weighted (others come with draw bias), which should appeal to better players. These sticks have a speed pocket, which is similar to the design in the SLDR, as well as a loft sleeve to adjust the head by +/- 1.5°. Lofts: 15°, 19°.



TaylorMade AeroBurner

The AeroBurner boasts subtle yet significant aerodynamic upgrades over the JetSpeed. In short, it’s designed to reduce swing drag so you can generate faster head speeds. For starters, airflow is enhanced by a finlike piece along the hosel, while the club’s rounded toe shape and crown curvature also help to lessen drag. In addition, the club’s overall weight is under 300 grams. Testing conducted by TaylorMade shows that players swing the AeroBurner 1 mph faster than the JetSpeed and SLDR drivers. Plus, the updated “speed pocket” now extends the length of the sole, which increases face flexibility on shots struck low or on the heel or toe. The result is a sweet spot that’s 10 percent larger than last year’s JetSpeed driver. It’s worth noting that the 460 cc AeroBurner has a fixed hosel. According to company officials, an adjustable loft sleeve that extends into the sole (like the one used in the R15 driver) would have impaired the speed pocket’s performance. Lofts: 9.5°, 10.5°, 12°, 17° (HL).


TaylorMade AeroBurner Rescue

Highlights of the AeroBurner Rescue include a larger, livelier sweetspot and shorter shaft lengths than in JetSpeed hybrids. The company claims the larger, reengineered speed pocket makes the sweetspot 1.8-times larger so misses play more like your solid shots. The shafts are 0.5-inches shorter, which should provide just a bit more control and precision in these clubs. Lofts: 19°, 22°, 25°, 28°.


TaylorMade AeroBurner Fairway Woods

The company’s breakthrough “speed pocket” design, which boosts ball speeds across the face, debuted in RocketBallz fairway woods. The speed pocket was subsequently updated in JetSpeed woods to include a cut-through slot. New AeroBurner woods feature a third-generation speed pocket, which is twice as long as in the JetSpeed and includes the cut-through slot. As a result, the sweet spot is twice the size in the 3-wood (defined as the area of the face that produces 0.800 COR or  higher) compared to the JetSpeed 3-wood. In addition, the AeroBurner 3-wood produces shots that launch 1° higher and spin 200 to 300 rpm less than the R15. The Matrix Speed RUL-Z 60 shaft is engineered to have a little more counterweight (higher balance point) than in previous fairway woods, which further helps to produce higher launching shots with less spin. Besides that, the shaft lengths are shorter, too — 3-wood is 0.5-inch shorter; 7-wood is 1-inch shorter — for added control.





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